CoQ9 Marine Phytoplankton 5000 is the only company using REAL purified ocean water to grow the highest quality phytoplankton on the market today!

CoQ9 Marine Phytoplankton 5000 Highest Quality Ocean Plankton

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Marine Phytoplankton 5000 is the highest quality Marine Phytoplankton product available today! And here’s why…


Marine Phytoplankton 5000 is grown in a state-of-the-art European facility by a team of microbiologists, using the most advanced technology and methods — and is the only marine phytoplankton product grown in 100% Pure Triple-Filtered Ocean Water. The water is filtered, sterilized using ozone and UV filters, and constantly monitored and tested for purity.


Producing a high-quality grade of marine phytoplankton that is highly effective and 100% safe for human consumption is a very costly and lengthy process, which is why other marine phytoplankton brands harvest their plankton directly from the polluted oceans that have been found to contain highly toxic bacteria like Red Tides along with other dangerous pollutants.


Also, other marine phytoplankton growers are using synthetically-created salt water, which is basically tap water to which they have added chemical fertilizers and salt, classifying it as “marine” water. This synthetically-created salt water is nothing compared to the mineral rich ocean waters of the sea, and their finished product is not in balance with nature. We do not recommend consuming any marine phytoplankton product created in a synthetic environment such as this.

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Besides finding the Rare Phyto-Nutrient CoQ9 in our


nutritional analysis, we have many other unique qualities in our phytoplankton
that you will find no where else.


Just take a look at these…


marine phytoplanktonGrown in REAL Ocean Water

Starting with a 200 foot deep ocean Well off the main coast of the beautiful Atlantic ocean, our ocean water is then purified and sterilized before entering our growing facility. More…

marine phytoplanktonCentrifuge ("Proprietary technology")

This is the process of spinning off the excess ocean water off the phytoplankton, a lot like the spinning cycle on a washer machine, but hundreds a times faster. With out this process, excess inorganic minerals and ocean salt is dried on to the phytoplankton which is UNHEALTHY! More…

marine phytoplanktonFreeze Dried Quality

Some companies “spray dry” their phytoplankton which also leaves excess inorganic minerals and ocean salt dried on to the phytoplankton, or they freeze their phytoplankton and ship it off to a freeze drying facility. We have our own State of the Art Freeze dryers and immediately send our Marine Phytoplankton into the freeze dryer after “centrifuge”. More…

marine phytoplanktonFood & Safety Certificate

Food & Safety Certificate for your complete assurance that our product is completely safe from unhealthy toxic substance or harmful bacteria. More…

marine phytoplanktonCoenzyme Q9 Certificate

Proof that the Rare Phyto-Nutrient CoQ9 is found in our Marine Phytoplankton. (CoQ9 is only found in certain phytoplankton strains) More…

marine phytoplanktonCertificate of Analysis

Certificate of Analysis is provided to show you what nutrients have been discovered thus far in our Marine Phytoplankton. And there is still more to come as we continue to send samples to the lab for further studies. More…

marine phytoplanktonSoft Cell Phytoplankton

Our Marine Phytoplankton is a special “Soft Cell Phytoplankton” this is easy to digest. More…

marine phytoplankton50.41% Protein (16 Amino Acids)

Not only do we have a high quality 16 Amino Acids Protein count, but we also have ALL 8 essential Amino Acids in our Marine Phytoplankton as well. More…

marine phytoplanktonOmega 3 Essential Fatty Acids

Every wonder where fish get their oil? From Marine Phytoplankton, or from other small creatures in the ocean that eat Marine Phytoplankton.

Remember, Marine Phytoplankton is the 

foundation of the food chain

and your Omega 3 Essential Fatty Acids  


(eicosapentaenoic acid)
(docosahexaenoic acid) are in Marine Phytoplankton. More…