CoQ9 Marine Phytoplankton 5000 is the only company using REAL purified ocean water to grow the highest quality phytoplankton on the market today!

marine phytoplankton

How is Marine Phytoplankton 5000 grown?

Our phytoplankton is grown using reactor technology in an enclosed system in a pharmaceutical-grade sterile environment. It is grown in a bed of real purified water from the Atlantic Ocean while protected from any outdoor pollutants or contaminants. The end result is an extremely pure, highly concentrated biomass, which is then freeze-dried into a stable powder form. back to top

What makes our Marine Phytoplankton so special?

Our scientists, in collaboration with research facilities in Europe, have identified the most nutritious of the 40,000 known strains of phytoplankton. Our team exclusively grows these unique strains to provide the best nutritional profile and to ensure consistency in every batch. back to top

Why is Marine Phytoplankton so expensive?

Growing phytoplankton is a highly specialized and complex process. To produce 70 kilograms of our marine phytoplankton, it takes a football field's worth of land, a period of 2 to 3 months, and 24-hour monitoring with state-of-the-art computers and highly-trained, certified professionals. Nevertheless, those who supplement with our Marine Phytoplankton quickly discover that the value of the nutritional benefits far outweighs the price. back to top

What is Multi-Strain Marine Phytoplankton?

Not all marine phytoplankton is the same. There are over 40,000 known strains of marine phytoplankton, but only a select few have exceptionally-high nutritional content and a soft cell structure suitable for human consumption. Our European researchers have isolated the most nutritional plankton strains known. Each strain is grown separately and then mixed together, enabling us to provide you with the highest quality Multi-Strain Marine Phytoplankton available on the market today!

However, due to the strong fishy odor and taste, our Multi-Strain Marine Phytoplankton is only available in capsules. Our 90 gram bags of Marine Phytoplankton powder is only single strain plankton. The single strain is the #1 rated nutritional plankton strain. However, it is not Multi-Strain. Most of our customers who love our original single strain plankton have reported even better results when they try our new Multi-Strain Marine Phytoplankton. It’s a matter of “good, just got better!” and we’re sure you will love it too! We will continue to make our original single strain plankton for those who cannot swallow capsules and prefer the powder form. If you think you can bear the taste of the new Multi-Strain plankton, we suggest emptying the capsule into your desired drink or shake. back to top

Grown in REAL Ocean Water

At this time, we are the only Marine Phytoplankton Company that uses REAL ocean water to grow our phytoplankton. The process begins with our 200-feet deep Well off of the European Atlantic coast that draws ocean water from deep below the surface. This is important because many toxins float near the ocean surface from ships and mainland pollution that run offs into the ocean every time it rains. This serves as a natural filtration system that purifies the ocean water using sand from deep below the Earth's surface. Next, the ocean water is tested to make sure NO chemicals, pesticides, hydrocarbons (from boats-ships and other motor vehicles) or heavy metals are present to meet safety standards. Then, the ocean water is sterilized (by bringing the water temperature to 121ºC, and with UV light and Ozone) to make sure that NOTHING else is growing in the pure water before the ocean water is filtered with three more filtration processes to ensure that it is completely free of contaminants and in its natural state.. Without this crucial step in the process, other living matter may end up growing in the system with the phytoplankton. For instance, red tides are micro-organisms that are highly toxic to humans. In fact, they are so toxic that shrimpers are not allowed to harvest shrimp during times when red tides are abundant. They must wait until the ocean current takes the tides away from the area before harvesting the shrimp. Red tides can also grow right next to phytoplankton and this is why it is so important to make sure the ocean water is purified, sterilized and free of all foreign matter! Now as you can see, other plankton growers can save a TON of money by simply adding salt and fertilizers to tap water to grow their phytoplankton. The end result is “synthetic plankton” NOT “Real Marine Phytoplankton with all the nutrient-rich elements of the sea!" back to top

Proprietary "Centrifuge" Technology, then Freeze Dried

We are the only Marine Phytoplankton growers that use special Proprietary "Centrifuge" Technology for ocean water and phytoplankton. This method spins off 100% of the excess ocean water before it is Freeze-Dried to preserve its quality. After Marine Phytoplankton is grown and ready for harvest, it will have the consistency of watery ketchup and has a large percentage of ocean water still in it. Some companies freeze-dry their plankton in this watery state. The problem with this method is that the end product contains high amounts of inorganic salt compounds found in the water, making the plankton very salty and unhealthy for the human body. Some companies Spray Dry their phytoplankton, which is a drying method that is much cheaper then Freeze-Drying. In this process, the watery phytoplankton is sprayed through a high-powered sprayer into a 400-degree Fahrenheit drying chamber. The high heat of this drying process can hurt the quality of the plankton, damage the nutrients and it also dries the inorganic salt compounds onto the phytoplankton making it unhealthy to eat. Do a simple taste test. If your plankton taste salty, then something is wrong! back to top

Open or closed cell wall marine phytoplankton, which is better?

There are companies that claim to have an open cell wall marine phytoplankton. Opening the cell wall is a harmful process to the phytoplankton and can destroy the preserved state of the cell. Think of the phytoplankton cell wall like the outer shell of a coconut. The coconut is preserved with a long shelf life as long as the whole coconut is intact. However, once you crack open the outer shell, oxidization immediately starts to take place and the preserved state will soon deteriorate, which leaves the product spoiled unless some other preservative is used to re-preserve its original state and nutritional quality. It is true that most of the 40,000 species of marine phytoplankton have a hard silica cell wall that is non-digestible for humans. But our Plankton 5000 marine phytoplankton is not only the most nutrient-rich plankton species available, but it is also one with a soft cell wall which makes it the most suitable for human digestion and absorption. If someone is trying to sell you an “open cell wall” marine phytoplankton, then you should ask that company two questions. (1) What method is use to break open the cell wall of the phytoplankton (because most likely it is an acidic process, which in seconds can penetrate the cell wall and start dissolving the inner nutrients. (2) What method do they use to preserve the phytoplankton after they destroy the cell wall so that oxidization doesn’t immediately start to take place? back to top